Benefits of Alkaline

Scientists, Nobel Laureates and researchers have established that alkalinity can boost immunity and longevity by neutralizing free radicals and detoxing acid waste from the human body. According to Nobel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg an alkaline body can absorb up to 20% more oxygen than an acidic body. His award-winning research on respiratory enzymes found that diseased bodies are acidic bodies, which repel oxygen and attract the overgrowth of disease-causing microorganisms.

A study conducted at The Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine in London also found how “raising pH (to an alkaline state) increases the immune system’s ability to kill bacteria.”

Why is alkaline water better than regular drinking water? And what is the difference? Majority of households use packaged mineral water brands which rely on Reverse Osmosis (RO) for water purification, which in turn, drains water of many minerals that are essential for the body, lowers it pH and thus renders it acidic leading to a bitter tasting, corrosive water that is unfit for drinking.

Aqlenz is India’s only natural alkaline remineralised water brand with a pH of 8+ which sources nutrient rich water for the process. While there is no dearth of water brands in the market, not all are naturally alkaline like Aqlenz – a 100% natural immunity booster. A study published in Public Library of Science (PLOS) showed how drinking alkaline water enhances hydration, improves acid-base balance and anaerobic exercise performance.

Daily intake of Aqlenz alkaline water allows for a more efficient system of flushing toxins since it is easily absorbed by the body, which also leads to superior hydration. Alkaline Water and Longevity: A Murine Study published in the NBCI, part of the United States National Library of Medicine concluded a benefit on longevity in terms of deceleration in ageing factor that was correlated with the consumption of alkaline water.

During the Coronavirus crisis, when supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc have become essential, Aqlenz naturally alkaline pH 8+, citrate mineral content of bicarbonates, magnesium, calcium, sodium and trace elements like copper, zinc etc. have proven positive effects on the body’s metabolism. These are known to act as antioxidants, help boost immunity, slow ageing, promote longevity, enhance bone, muscle and brain function and reduce acidity. All these benefits collectively prepare the immune system to battle foreign pathogens and protect you from diseases and health issues.


The Coronavirus pandemic has made the world realize the value of a healthy lifestyle. In the absence of a solution, the most effective preventive solution has been to focus on immunity building. While there are many different super foods and supplements touted to boost the immune system, most of us miss out on considering the health benefits of the most vital part of our daily existence – natural alkaline remineralised water with a pH of 8 Plus.

Why Alkaline..

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than normal tap water and contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

The fact that this type of water has a higher pH level has led some people to believe that it may help neutralize acid in the body, help slow the aging process, or even prevent cancer.

So long as the water you’re drinking is clean and safe, the main focus is to make sure that you stay hydrated and to ensure you’re drinking enough water on a regular basis.

Alkaline Water Benefits Bone Health

An acid diet can put people at risk for bone loss, Drinking alkaline water can help maintain good bone health.

  • Lowers levels of bone loss.
  • Improved mineral nutrition for bones.
  • Healthier pH balance in body.